Good Standing Policy


The concept of Good Standing has been introduced at Margaret River Senior High School to reward students who are supportive and co-operative in the school and to encourage other students to improve their general performance.

Every student will begin the school year with Good Standing. This entitles the student to the freedom, rights and privileges of the school.

Students may lose their Good Standing by over-stepping the limits in regard to behaviour, work standards, dress, or attendance. Students in this position will have a notation placed in their student record and will lose the privilege to attend school functions, carnivals, the School Ball, camps, non curriculum excursions and the use of the student car park, until the status of Good Standing is returned.

The status of Good Standing will be withdrawn at stage 3, for up to 4 weeks, by the Deputy Principal or the Student Services Manager, on the advice of assisting staff. (It may be returned when satisfactory change or progress is made)


Students at Margaret River Senior High School, as part of their enrolment are expected to:

  • Attend all classes regularly.
  • Work hard in their studies to achieve positive results.
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Conform to the rules at Margaret River Senior High School.
  • Abide by the school assessment policy.
  • Abide by the school uniform policy.
  • Respect the right of other students to learn and for teachers to teach.


  • All students develop responsible self-discipline and respect for the rights of others.
  • All students feel confident to pursue individual educational excellence.
  • All students become independent learners.



  1. Take responsibility for their attendance, dress, behaviour and academic progress as stated in this document.
  2. Keep documentation of all absences. This includes sickness, medical certificates, camp forms, excursion forms, etc in the event that they are needed for an appeal. It is suggested that students have evidence of absences by keeping records in their diary.
  3. Maintain satisfactory progress including catching up with work that has been missed during any absence.

Class Teacher:

  1. Maintain daily attendance records. (This is a requirement for the Curriculum Council, Youth Allowance and some Social Security payments.)
  2. Counselling students, contacting parents and alerting HOLA’s about inappropriate behaviour and poor academic performance.
  3. Notifying the Student Services Co-ordinator regarding a student’s progress or behaviour.

Form Teacher:

  1. Collect and record student absences.
  2. Notify Student Services Co-ordinator if a student has persistent unexplained absences.
  3. Informal counselling for at risk students.


Students can lose their good standing status for unsatisfactory performance in the following areas:

ATTENDANCE Students are expected to attend regularly. All absences must be covered by a written explanation that is acceptable to the school.
BEHAVIOUR Students are expected to behave in a mature manner that progresses their learning and does not interfere with the learning or the safety of other members of the school.

Students are expected to demonstrate good work standards by:

  • being prompt to all classes
  • complying with the school’s assessment policy
  • satisfactory participation in class activities
  • being prepared for all classes
UNIFORM When at school, students are expected to be in full school uniform.

Loss of Good Standing

Loss of Good Standing will generally occur after a three stage process; however, good Standing will be automatically lost when a suspension from school is involved.

Once Good Standing has been regained, any similar breach will result in its loss again.

Stages of Good Standing

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Loss of Good Standing 
Uniform 1st three offences
Recorded at Student Services
4th offence
Letter Home

5th Offence
Student Services

Attendance/lateness Classroom teachers
Form teacher 
Student Services Admin
Behaviour Teacher, HOLA Student Services Admin
Digital Media 1st offence
2nd offence
Parent Pickup 
Work Standards Classroom Teacher HOLA Student Services/Admin


Determined by Student School Admin/ Services but may include exclusion from all non-curriculum based events such as:

  • Sporting events
  • Non-assessable camps and excursions
  • School ball, socials, discos and dinner dances
  • Country Week and school trips (Skiing, Sydney Canberra etc)
  • Performances and Exhibitions

Step One:- Loss of Good Standing

  • Occurs after breaches of enrolment conditions have been received from teacher(s) and/or suspension has occurred.
  • Parents are informed that unsatisfactory attendance/attitude/behaviour/work ethic is occurring. Student attends an interview with Student Services Co-ordinator.

Students may earn good standing back in one month at the discretion of Admin/ Student Services.

Step Two:-Review agreement

  • Occurs if the student does not show reasonable improvement and Good Standing has not been regained after a 4 week period.
  • Student and Parents are required to attend an interview with relevant staff at the school.

Step Three: – Alternative pathway

  • Occurs if the Review Agreement is not fulfilled.
  • Student and Parents are required to attend an interview with relevant staff, where alternative delivery or program will be determined.

NOTE: Extenuating circumstances such as sickness or family grief should always be given due consideration before loss of Good Standing occurs.