Administration Phone Numbers

RECEPTION – 9757 0700

Upper School – Steve Jurilj- 9757 0707 
Student Services – Hetty Bogerd – 9757 0720
Curriculum – Andrew Hill – 9757 0710
Resources – Merv McKillop – 9757 0702

MANAGER CORPORATE SERVICES/FINANCE – Cristina Oliveira – 9757 0704

OPERATIONS MANAGER –  Lee Pike – 9757 0703

Learning Area Leaders

Mr Michael Caudle
HOLA HASS and Languages
[email protected]

Ms Christine Edgar
HOLA English
[email protected]

Mr Shane Joyce
HOLA Health & PE
[email protected]

Mr Alex Bayley
HOLA Mathematics
[email protected]

Mr Liam Smith
HOLA Science
[email protected]

Ms Paola Pastorelli
HOLA Vocation Education & Training
[email protected]

Mrs Amanda Gradisen
[email protected]

Mrs Kylie Marsh
HOLA Technology & Enterprise
[email protected]


Staff Directory

Name Surname Title Email
Jessica ADAM Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Kaybe ADAM Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Melinda ALLAN Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
John ANDREWS Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Christopher BAILEY Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
Craig BARNETT Teacher Design & Technology [email protected]
Alex BAYLEY Head Of Dept Mathematics [email protected]
Chris BUCKLAND Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Susan BUCKLAND Teacher Phys & Health Educ [email protected]
Emma CAMPBELL Teacher Science [email protected]
Kathryn CARTER Coordinator [email protected]
Michael CAUDLE Prog Coordinator Social Stud [email protected]
Paul CHAMBERLAIN Teacher Science [email protected]
Melanie CHAPELL Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Thomas CURTIN Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
Gavin De La Mare STEM Assistant [email protected]
Rasidah DOBBS Teacher Science [email protected]
James DOYLE Teacher Phys & Health Educ [email protected]
Katherine DUNBAR-SMITH Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
Emma DZIADULEWICZ Teacher Career & Voc Educ [email protected]
Christine EDGAR Head Of Dept English [email protected]
Lisa ELLIOTT Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Paul FARMER Teacher Phys & Health Educ [email protected]
Raylene FIELD Teacher Home Economics [email protected]
Benjamin FINCH Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
Roslyn GARSTONE Teacher Home Economics [email protected]
Cathryn GOULD Teacher English [email protected]
Amanda GRADISEN Head Of Learning Area Art [email protected]
Marian GRAPES Teacher Lang Other Than Engl [email protected]
Nola GREGORY Teacher Home Economics [email protected]
Kate HADLEY Teacher Home Economics [email protected]
Josh HARDY Teacher Computing [email protected]
Sarah HARDY Teacher Music [email protected]
Jennifer HILL Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
Natasha HILL Teacher English [email protected]
Belinda HOWSE Teacher Home Economics [email protected]
Hannah JAMES Teacher English [email protected]
Matthew JOHNSTON Teacher Career & Voc Educ [email protected]
Heath JOHNSTONE Teacher Phys & Health Educ [email protected]
Shane JOYCE Head Learning Area Health & PE [email protected]
Shelley JOYCE Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
Caroline JUNIPER Teacher Art/Crafts [email protected]
Martin KEEN Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
Samantha KINGSTON Teacher Career & Voc Educ [email protected]
Nakita KITSON Teacher English [email protected]
Renee KITTLE Nurse [email protected]
Iris KUPFER-HOLLIS Teacher Science [email protected]
Stuart KUPFER-HOLLIS Teacher Phys & Health Educ [email protected]
Isabelle LEMON Teacher Music [email protected]
Andrea MANNERS Teacher Music [email protected]
Kathryn MARZOHL DUFFY Teacher Art/Crafts [email protected]
Patrick MARZOHL Teacher Lang Other Than Engl [email protected]
Meredith MCCORMACK Head Of Learning Area Art [email protected]
Angela MCCOY Teacher Lang Other Than Engl [email protected]
Tyrell MCKENZIE-ROE Aboriginal & Islander Ed Offic [email protected]
Mark MEYER Teacher Science [email protected]
Maximilian MUELLER Teacher Design & Technology [email protected]
Jason NELSON Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
David NEWSTEAD Teacher Design & Technology [email protected]
Alana NORTON Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Jenelle PAGAN Teacher Phys & Health Educ [email protected]
Paola PASTORELLI Teacher Career & Voc Educ [email protected]
Chey PETERS Nurse [email protected]
Carrie-Ann PHILIPS Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Bettina PRETSEL Teacher English [email protected]
Carolyn RALPH Teacher Education Support [email protected]
Dianne ROBERTS Teacher English [email protected]
Leah ROONEY School Psychologist [email protected]
Thomas ROSSITER Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
Jonathan RUSSELL Student Support Officer [email protected]
Leah RUSSELL Teacher English [email protected]
Anna SANGMEISTER Teacher English [email protected]
Kathryn SEISUN Chaplain [email protected]
Robyn SLAPP Teacher Phys & Health Educ [email protected]
Berin SLUITER Teacher Phys & Health Educ [email protected]
Liam SMITH Head Of Dept Science [email protected]
Della SMITH-RAWLINS Teacher English [email protected]
Michelle SPRIGGS Teacher Music [email protected]
Garrath STEWART Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Sabre STONE Teacher Phys & Health Educ [email protected]
Michelle SZYMANSKI Teacher English [email protected]
Alexander TEMBY Teacher Social Studies [email protected]
Ian THWAITES Teacher Design & Technology [email protected]
Daniel TOMASI Teacher English [email protected]
Justin TWEDDLE Teacher Design & Technology [email protected]
Matthew WALTERS Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Laura WAYWOOD Teacher Science [email protected]
Elisabeth WEBSTER Teacher Business Education [email protected]
Andrea WEST Teacher Science [email protected]
Corinne WESTAWAY Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Vicki WILLIAMSON Teacher Computing [email protected]
Sara WILLMOTT Teacher English [email protected]
Hayley WILLS Teacher English [email protected]
Clare WOOLFREY Teacher Phys & Health Educ [email protected]
Peter WRIGHT Technical Officer [email protected]