Congratulations to all Year 9s for their hard work and efforts this year!

Subject Award winners:

Top Student in ArtJewel Fresher
Top Student in DanceKasey Walton
Top Student in DramaAbbey Lentjes
Top Student in MusicArchibald Targett
Top Student in Ceramics and JewelleryMaya Gourlay
Top Student Award for Mathematics, Science and Humanties and Social ScienceToby Grandy
High Achievement Award for Mathematics and Top Student Photography and Food StudiesTaryn Semenow
High Achievment Award for ScienceLilian Monaghan-Hall
High Achievement Award for EnglishSienna Woods
High Achievement Award for Humanities and Social ScienceKeira McCarthy
Top Student in Creative TechnologyJames Kaew-ard
Top Student in WoodworkBeau Seisun
Top Student in MetalworkJay Burgess
Top Student in AgricultureClaire Whitehouse
Top Student in EnglishPriya Copley
Top Student in Phyical Education – Boys and Physical RecreationCody Lenton
Top Student in Physical Education – Girls and Career ITMia Helenius
Top Student in Specialised AFLKaspa Donovan
Top Student in Health EducationKai-Anna Prendergast
Top Student in AquaticsGrace Dombroski
Top Student in Outdoor EducationPoppy Saunders
Top Student in LanguagesSvea Keen
Top Student in JewellerySummer Cunningham

Special Award Winners:

YEAR 9 CITIZENSHIP – This award is presented to a student who is willing to work for the benefit of other students, the school and the community and always displays ethical behaviour following the school virtures.Edward Bancroft
YEAR 9 QUIET ACHIEVER – This award is presented to a student who has shown diligence and outstanding application to achieve their personal best and is respectful of the learning of others.Ashlinn Lee-Pullen
YEAR 9 ENDEAVOUR AWARD – The Endeavour Award is presented to a student who aims to produce a high standard of work despite obstacles and challenges. They are enthusiastic, diligent and always work to the best of their ability.Tane-Mahuta Te Aho
YEAR 9 Improved Health and Fitness AwardAbdulloh Olimjonova
YEAR 9 SCRaM AwardAbbey Lentjes