BYOD Information

BYOD (Bring your Own Device) refers to students bringing a personally owned computing device to school for the purpose of learning.  Margaret River SHS recognises the need to prepare students for a rapidly changing world where technology plays an increasing role in students’ everyday lives.

Students are encouraged to bring their own computing/tablet device to school (BYOD) provided they meet the specifications outlined below.
They must only use the device at school for educational purposes and must agree and adhere to the BYOD Policy as described below.

The school accepts no responsibility for replacing devices that are lost, stolen or damaged whilst on school premises, or after being confiscated.

We have organised a BYOD portal option to buy through if you would like; however, you are not obligated or expected to purchase from this site or choose the items specified:

Purchasing Devices:

Minimum Specifications

Supported Devices

  • Laptops: Windows 10 -or- Mac OSX 10.7 or newer
  • Tablets: Android (ICS or newer) eg Samsung, Lenovo, Apple iPads,

Devices must include

  • A minimum screen size of ≥ 9.7 inches
  • Battery life ≥ 5 hours
  • Keyboard
  • Memory of 128GB / 8GB RAM or more
  • Wifi, camera, headphones and microphone
  • A solid state drive (SSD) is recommended

Programs & Apps

  • Active anti-virus software
  • Internet browser
  • Office 365 suite – available free via student Department of Education email
    You can now install Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for students on up to 5 PCs or Macs and 5 tablets or smartphones.  Click on this link for more information:   Installation Guide for Office 365 for Students
  • Office 365 Online is provide by the Department of Education for free via the student’s login.
    It includes online Word, Excel, Sway and OneNote along with other programs
  • The DoE provides 100 GB of online storage for free via the student’s email login.

Unsupported Devices

  • Phones and IPods
  • Devices with a screen size smaller than 9.7 inches
  • Pre-ICS Android devices

Parents may choose to purchase a device from any source they wish; however, only devices with the specifications outlined above will be able to be used in the school.

Suggested BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Models for Margaret River SHS

NOTE:  Please be aware that these are suggestions only – parents are not obligated or constrained to purchase these and are welcome to source any device from any place they would like

Smaller Form Factor Laptops (11”-13” screens with keyboard)

Windows Options:

  • Dell Inspiron 3000 11” Screen 2-in-1 Laptop – 128GB SSD + 8GB RAM + Touch Screen with folded tablet mode
  • Dell Inspiron 5000 13” Screen 2-in-1 Laptop – 128GB SSD + 8GB RAM + Touch Screen with folded tablet mode

Apple Options:

  • Macbook Air 11” Screen Laptop  – 128GB SSD + 4GB RAM (not touch screen)
  • Macbook Air 13” Screen Laptop  – 128GB SSD + 8GB RAM (not touch screen)

Other Smaller Form Factor Devices (10” screens without inbuilt keyboard)

  • iPad Air & iPad Pro with keyboard cover
  • Lenovo or Samsung tablets with keyboard cover
    NB: These devices can access school based Print, WiFi and Web services but may not be able to access school shared files, software resources or students’ home folders.
    Onscreen keyboards may be unsuitable if extended typing is required and therefore a separate cover including keyboard is required

Before using your own device at school the following procedures must be followed and adhered to:

  • Each student and a parent/guardian will need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding acknowledging that they accept the terms and conditions under which the student owned device may be used on the Department network.
  • The device is only to be switched on for educational use. This will occur after asking permission from their teacher or requested by the teacher. The device must remain switched off at all other times.
  • Devices are not to be used for messaging, social media, or phone calls.
  • You must not film, record or take images or videos unless it is supervised by the class teacher and directly a part of the class program.
    No photos or videos are to be shared or uploaded to the internet or any social networking sites (eg Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • Devices are not to be used out of class time (before school, recess, lunch) unless specifically requested by a teacher in order to do school work – this must be done in a supervised classroom.
  • Student owned devices are not licensed to use software under any of the Department’s Enterprise Agreements.
  • Student owned devices are not licensed to use any other school owned or purchased software.
  • You must not access Facebook, any other social media sites or any site that is not directly part of the school educational program and has been directed by a teacher.

Misuse of Devices:

If you misuse your device it will be confiscated and sent to Student Services.
The device may be collected by the student from Student Services at the end of the day.

  • Second offence, the device may only be retrieved by a parent or guardian.
  • Breaches of this policy will be treated as any other breach of school rules.

 Student Responsibilities:

Student use of personal devices at school must:

  1. Follow the standards for use as set out above.
  2. Abide by the school’s acceptable use guidelines for access of network resources.
  3. Install and maintain anti-virus software where possible.
  4. Maintain system updates on the device where possible.
  5. Maintain personal backups of schoolwork or store schoolwork on MRSHS servers.
  6. Supply their own software for use at MRSHS. No school or DET licensed software may be installed on personal devices. A library of free software will be made available for compatible devices for most tasks.