High School Chaplaincy Program

The School Chaplaincy Program provides support and assistance to the Margaret River Senior High School Student Services team. The Chaplains work as part of the case conferencing with students who are deemed at risk, either socially, emotionally or academically. The Chaplains mentor selected students on a weekly basis offering support to these students and their families. The Chaplains also work with staff in our specialised Pastoral Care programs in both Upper and Lower school. Our Chaplains play a vital role with students at risk from a range of feeder primary schools in our year 7 transition program.

The school benefits from our Chaplains’ expertise in all programs and they significantly enhance and compliment the operations of our Student Services team with a clear focus on delivering pastoral care across the school

Key Programs:

  • Rock and Water
  • Foodbank
  • SSEP boxing program
  • Peer Mediation

The School Chaplaincy Program is a NSCSWP funded service.