The school canteen is open 5 days a week; serving breakfast, recess and lunch. Students are encouraged to order their food before school.

We would like to introduce ourselves, Anna and Brody as the new owners of the MRSHS canteen.  We are very excited to bring students and faculty a new and fresh approach to school lunches! We have 20 years of hospitality and cheffing experience and have a love of healthy, wholesome food. Our menu will develop during the term and any feedback is welcome. To ensure we can deliver your children’s preferred options pre orders at the canteen would be appreciated. We look forward to meeting all the happy faces of 2022!

Click on this link to download the order form:

Term 3 Monday Canteen Order Form


Term 3 Tuesday Canteen Order Form


Term 3 Wednesday Canteen Order Form


Term 3 Thursday Canteen Order Form


Term 3 Friday Canteen Order Form



Fruit muffins $2.50

Savoury scrolls $3

Banana and coconut bread (Vegan) $3

Homemade almond and honey granola layered with Greek yoghurt and berry compote $5 
-Go Gluten free +50c

Almond milk chia pudding with Greek yoghurt and berry compote (Gluten free) $5     
-Go nuts! (Add roasted almonds & cashews) +50c

Grilled bacon brekkie roll $5
-Add a fried egg +$1
-Go Gluten free +50c

Cashew, date and cranberry Bliss balls (Gluten free & Vegan) $2

Almond, apricot and coconut oaty cookies $2

Fresh fruit $1.50

Roast chicken wrap with fresh salad, carrot, cheese, mayo & fruit chutney  $7
-Go Gluten free +50c / -Go Vegan with avocado & vegan mayo n/c

Mexi bean burrito with baby spinach and melting cheese, with sweet chilli and sour cream (Vego) $6.50     
-Go Gluten free +50c

B.L.T Bacon, lettuce and tomato roll with mayo and tomato relish $6.50   
-Go Gluten free +50c 
-Go Vego with avocado n/c

Buddha bowl with shredded roast chicken, rice noodles, slaw, fresh salad and edamame beans with a soy sesame dressing on the side (Gluten free) $7           
-Go Vegan with avocado n/c / -Add avocado +$1


Monday                                                                                                            Mexi bowl with beef & bean chilli, steamed rice, corn chips & sour cream $7

Tuesday                                                                                                                Sausage roll – Pork & apple, served with tomato sauce $5.50                         Soup – Check out todays flavour – served in a cup $4

Wednesday                                                                                                          Chicken satay pie $6.00       
Pasta Bake – Check out todays flavour $6

Pizza slice with olives, spinach, feta, oregano & cheese $5.50 
Roast pumpkin, spinach, feta & sundried tomato rolls $5.50  

Beef pie served with tomato sauce $6