Margaret River Senior High School Homework Statement

Homework Statement

Homework is a strategy to develop motivated students who achieve to the best of their ability and strive for excellence.


To allow:

  1. Effective teaching/learning
  2. Completion of teaching/learning programs

To prepare students in lower school for upper school demands/rigour.

To develop a culture of excellence, supporting the school’s commitment to enrichment and engagement priorities.


Staff are required to set homework for students as part of the learning program.

Homework needs to be:

  • Valid – linked to student’s learning program
  • Educative
  • Purposeful – compliment/reinforce learning program

Staff are to ensure that:

  • Diaries are filled in and used by students
  • Completion of homework is monitored
  • Feedback is provided in a timely manner as required

Staff are to inform parents if homework is not completed:

  • A maximum of two consecutive homework items missed requires parental contact
  • Records of parent contact are to be kept