This year, our school had the privilege of participating in the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad (OzCLO), an enthralling and intellectually stimulating competition that invites high school students to dive deep into the world of languages, logic, and puzzles. With a rich history of nurturing analytical minds since 2008, OzCLO presents an unmatched opportunity for students passionate about languages, mathematics, or computing to showcase their problem-solving skills.

Our school rose to the challenge with three dedicated teams from Year 11, Year 9, and Year 8. These young linguists embarked on an academic extension program unlike any other, demonstrating their commitment and dedication by working non-stop for two hours. Their mission? To unravel five intricate linguistic problems that spanned a myriad of real-world languages.

The dedication of our students was palpable as they delved into the complexities of language with unmatched enthusiasm and concentration. It was, indeed, dedication and commitment at its best. The challenges posed by the competition required more than just linguistic knowledge; they demanded creativity, teamwork, and a deep understanding of logic and pattern recognition.

The journey of our teams through OzCLO is a clear reflection of our school’s commitment to academic excellence and the development of critical thinking skills. As they navigated through the linguistic puzzles, our students not only honed their analytical abilities but also embraced the joy of learning and discovery.

Congratulations to:

Year 11 team: Eleanor Taylor, Caitlin Young and Lindy Sharwood and Mali Rosman

Year 9 team: Chiara Falls, Lottie Taylor and Kayia Duxfield

Year 8 team: Sophie Johnston, Violet McKillop and Ava Cahill