Homework and Study

Homework is a strategy to develop motivated students who achieve to the best of their ability and strive for excellence.

Homework is provided:

• To allow effective teaching/learning and the completion of teaching/learning programs
• To prepare students in lower school for upper school demands/rigour
• To develop a culture of excellence, supporting the school’s commitment to our Enrichment and Engagement priorities.

Staff set homework for students as part of the learning program. Homework reinforces and supports the things your children learn in class. It is designed to get your children thinking and applying what they learn in different ways and develops them into independent learners.

You can help your children in secondary school by:

  • Encouraging your child to use a diary
  • Have a daily routine for homework; setting aside a set time each day for homework (also allow time for play and relaxation)
  • Setting up a ‘homework station’ where your children can do their homework
  • Helping to develop a time plan for big projects that take longer to complete so they are not left with one day to finish it – chunk it into steps
  • Letting your children complete their homework by themselves – this fosters independent learning
  • Asking your children to explain what they have done – explaining things in their own words is a great way to learn
  • Checking your children’s homework when they are done for the day and working through any errors together
  • Knowing where your children are up to with their homework so they do not fall behind.

If your children are having problems with their homework or with a specific subject, ask their teacher to spend some extra time helping them through the task.

How to support your child in the later years of secondary school:

  • Make sure they have a study routine they can follow.
  • Make sure that they eat well and have plenty of sleep
  • Make sure that they have a work/life balance


Study involves students setting aside time every day to go over key concepts from class to make sure they understand them.
Regular study ensures that knowledge is retained an is a chance to work out what students’ understand and where they need assistance.
Encourage your child to study every day in short bursts, not just for the whole day before a test.

Techniques for study include:

  • Taking notes on class lesson notes and the textbook
  • Re-reading unclear sections in the textbook,
  • Making flashcards
  • Completing practice essays, exams and tests