Student Services

Student Welfare includes the physical, intellectual, emotional and social well being of all students. While parents and families have prime responsibility for the welfare of their children, the whole school community shares some of this responsibility. At Margaret River Senior High School, Student Welfare is enhanced by the support of the Student Services Team.

MRSHS Student Services Team and staff adopts the principles of prevention and intervention. Promoting students’ self-esteem while assisting them to develop responsibility for their own behaviours serves our goal of providing a safe environment for all students.

Students also learn to be responsible for their own behaviour through a sequence known as BMIS (Behaviour Management in Schools). This system, used for certain inappropriate behaviours, is based on contracts, with a plan for behaviour change. This involves the student, teacher(s), and after an initial stage, parents.

We endeavour to provide as much support as we can for our students. We enlist the cooperation of parents and other community links such as youth workers, indigenous workers, the police and government agencies. A variety of programs are utilised on an as-required basis to assist students.