With a total of 125 years of teaching practice accumulated by the 6 members of our faculty, we are one of the most settled and experienced teaching teams in Australia. We are also one of the most successful. Since 1996, for example, when Margaret River became a senior high school, we have been listed amongst the top ten Western Australian schools public, religious and independent on five occasions in either English or Literature. For a small regional school, this is a remarkable achievement.

We have further demonstrated our capacity to teach at the highest level through the outstanding performance of individual students who have achieved distinctions, including three students with final scaled marks of 100% in the Year 12 TEE and WACE examinations. Given that two of these stellar results were in Literature, and that, traditionally, this subject comprises the top students across the state, the achievement speaks for itself.

Our success lies mainly in the close, professional relationships we have been able to form with students in this community. They trust our knowledge and expertise and, in turn, we respect them. We are available at any time to offer extra support to students and our free time is regularly consumed in supporting students’ learning. In addition, we as staff members work very closely together in constructing courses, updating our knowledge and moderating students work to ensure maximum fairness to all. History has shown, year after year, that you can commit your childs English education to us with complete confidence.