The 2024 Student Council Induction Workshop, held on February 14th, was a well-organized and engaging event that laid a strong foundation for student leadership at the school. Kicking off with a warm welcome, the workshop covered leadership expectations, community service tracking, and upcoming events, fostering a clear roadmap for the council’s activities. The brainstorming session on whole school leadership and the goal-setting workshop were particularly impactful, encouraging collaborative idea generation and personal growth. The presentation by Youth Bursar Aloha Fritsch added an inspiring note, highlighting youth leadership opportunities. Discussions on various student concerns, from school bag policies to vaping and safety measures, demonstrated the council’s commitment to addressing student needs comprehensively. The workshop concluded with a sense of accomplishment and a clear direction for future initiatives, making it a resounding success and promising a year of positive change and leadership development within the school community. Special thanks go to Aloha Fritsch and Anna Sangmeister, who will assist the Student Council this year.

Patrick Marzohl