Student Services Team

We work together to monitor students’ well-being, behaviour & attendance.

  • Working with students, parents and teachers to modify inappropriate behaviour and encourage acceptable behaviour.
  • The monitoring of student progress
  • Pastoral and academic counselling
  • Parent contact regarding student counselling and referral
  • Monitoring of student mental and physical welfare
  • New student induction
  • Organisation of proactive and student social events
    eg Sisterhood, Yeah the Boys, Man-up, Leavers’ Seminar, School Ball, Graduation Dinner, Student Council activities, Reward Days
  • Management of the Health Department’s Immunisation Programme.

Main Desk:  9757 0745 & 9757 0795


Mrs Danielle Sherlock
Student Services Manager
Phone: 9757 0750

Ms Natalie Muir
Student Services Manager Year 7-9
Phone: 9757 0740

Mr Ben Finch
Year 7 Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0700

Mr Chris Buckland
Year 8 Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0700

Mrs Leah Russell
Year 9 Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0700

Mrs Melanie Chapell
Year 10 Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0700

Mr Heath Johnstone
Year 11 Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0700

Ms Emma Dziadulewicz
Year  12 Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0783

Mrs Carolyn Ralph
Learning Support Coordinator
Phone: 9757 0785

  • Manages  the Disability Allowance students- those with an intellectual or physical disability and students with autism
  • Manages the Education Assistants
  • Assist teachers with teaching/learning strategies in the classroom.
  • Promote literacy strategies in all Learning Areas.


Ms Angela Ramirez
Aboriginal & Indigenous Education Officer (AIEO)
Phone: 9757 0713


Mrs Sue Buckland
Senior School Engagement Program (SSEP)
Phone: 9757 0729


Ms Renee Kittle
School Nurse (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs)
Phone: 9757 0719

  • Post graduate qualifications in counselling.
  • Specialising in adolescent health especially nutrition, drugs, sex education and mental health.
  • Families with complex needs.


Mrs Wendy Coffey
Cadet Coordinator & Rock and Water Instructor
Phone: 9757 0785


Mr Jon Russell
Student Support Officer (Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri)
Phone: 9757 0717


Ms Kathryn Seisun
Mentor Coordinator & School Chaplain (Tues/Wed)
Phone: 9757 0730

  • Partnering students with an appropriate community mentor in order to share ideas, experience and guidance.
  • Working within the Student Services Team.
  • Pastoral Care; Liaison between community and school; Available as a confidential listener.