We are absolutely excited to share the incredible success of this week’s Red Cross Emergency Readiness workshop at Margaret River Senior High School. With a total of 38 students actively involved, we had the privilege of hosting not one but three inspiring workshops, leaving us feeling motivated and better prepared for the future.

1. Student Council Workshop:

Our Student Council members showcased their unwavering dedication to both their leadership roles and our community. They gained invaluable emergency response skills that will undoubtedly serve them well as they continue to represent the student body. Their active involvement and commitment to this cause were truly commendable.

2. School’s Emergency Service Cadets Workshop:

Our dedicated Emergency Service cadets took their training to the next level in this specialised workshop. They demonstrated their unyielding commitment to public safety by diving deep into emergency response strategies. Their enthusiasm and drive to serve our community are qualities that we deeply admire.

3. General Year 12 Outdoor Education Class Workshop:

The Year 12 Outdoor Education class brought adventure into the mix as they explored emergency preparedness in an outdoor setting. Guided by the Red Cross experts, they learned how to adapt to unforeseen challenges while enjoying the great outdoors. Their adaptability and resilience were truly impressive.

Each of these three consecutive workshops was carefully designed to instil vital emergency response skills, promote teamwork, and nurture leadership qualities. The dedication of our students, combined with the expertise of the Red Cross instructors, made for an unforgettable and incredibly valuable experience.

These workshops not only empower our students with life-saving skills but also foster a sense of responsibility towards our school and the broader community. We firmly believe that our students are not just future leaders but also future heroes, ready to respond when the need arises.

We extend our thanks to the Red Cross instructors, particularly Rebekah, who expertly guided our students through these workshops and generously shared their knowledge. We also want to express our sincere appreciation for the unwavering dedication of our students and their commitment to being prepared for whatever challenges may come their way.

We couldn’t be prouder of our students and are eagerly anticipating the positive impact they will undoubtedly make on our school and community.

By Patrick Marzohl and Wendy Coffey