High schools are large complex places without that single teacher reference point. However we believe that communication with parents is very important so we have developed the following guide for parent communication. Please feel free to contact the school with any positive comments regarding your child or the school in general, as such feedback makes a different to everyone’s morale.


Who to Contact

Progress or problems in a particular subject

Classroom teacher

Inability to resolve a situation with an individual teacher

Head of Department

Class and subject changes

Head of Department

Absence from school

Student Services 9757 0795

Attendance records

Student Services 9757 0795

Attendance problems

Form Teacher

Subject information

Class teacher or Head of Department

Course change

Deputy Principal 9757 0703 (Lower School)

Deputy Principal 9757 0702 (Upper School)

Relationship/social issues

General progress

General behaviour issues

Student Services Co-ordinator 9757 0720

Information to be passed onto staff.

Leadership possibilities

Year Co-ordinator

Out of School achievements

Student Services Co-ordinator 9757 0720

Social, spiritual or emotional issues

School Chaplain 9757 0717

Emotional or personal issue requiring professional counselling or referral

School Psychologist 9757 0730

Debra Anderson

Health, medical or wellbeing issues

School Nurse 9757 0719 (Sandra Robertson)

Serious behavioural issues

Head of Department

Prospective mentors

Mentor Co-ordinator 9757 0717

Students requesting mentors

Mentor Co-ordinator 9757 0717

Serious issues not resolved at a lower level

Deputy Principal

Absentees, appointments, forgotten equipment, homework or lunches

Student Services 9757 0795

Head of Departments


Ed Lacy 9757 0735


Liam Smith 9757 0769

S&E (Society and Environment)

Mike Caudle 9757 0770

Health & Physical Education

Paul Beecham 9757 0758


Tony Ewing 9757 0777

Technology & Enterprise (Including Computing)

Vicki Williamson 9757 0744


Bruce Darby 9757 0746

The Arts

Kara Beecham 9757 0754

Student Services

Student Services Co-ordinator

Lee Pike 9757 0720

Lower School Co-ordinator

Patrick Marzohl 9757 0786

Upper School Co-ordinator

Scott Cameron 9757 0783

Learning Support Co-ordinator

Leanne Hayes 9757 0736