At a recent event, parents were informed of the latest on the opportunities that School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT’s) can offer. Students are increasingly able to complete these training programs whilst still at school and including this with their WA Certificate of Education (WACE).

SBAT’s are an arrangement between employer, student (employee), trainer and the school. Students may undertake up to 2 days per week paid in the work place and complete initial training certificates (sometimes a pre-app if appropriate to the industry) giving them a head start. SBAT’s are unusually completed over a 12-18month period. This is also a great way for students to become work ready, gain specific skills for an industry they may like to work in, and develop ongoing positive work relationships for further employment.

We currently have students undertaking SBAT’s in Horticulture (Arborist), Childcare, Financial Services, Salon Assistant (Hairdressing), Kitchen Operations (Chef), Engineering, Warehousing and Logistics (in Plumbing Supplies). Previously students have also worked in Automotive, Building and Construction, Business, Retail and Agriculture.

We are looking to grow these opportunities for our students and encourage parents (and business owners) to consider the value in taking on our young adults.

For more information on SBAT’s these sites are useful:

Our local contacts for the setting up and monitoring of SBAT’s are: