The 2005 School Report and several other documents include many acronyms that become familiar terms when used daily in the school environment. For those parents and community members who may be less familiar with these acronyms, we have compiled a glossary of terms to make the 2005 School Report a more readable document.

BELS – Boys in Education Lighthouse Schools
BMIS – Behaviour Management Instructional Strategies
CAD – Computer Aided Design
CF – Curriculum Framework
CIP – Curriculum Improvement Program
CIP P2 – Curriculum Improvement Program Phase 2
CMIS – Classroom Management Instructional Strategies
COS – Course/s of Study
DET – Department of Education and Training (previously known EDWA – Education Department of WA)
GIS – Geography Information Systems
HOD – Head of Department
HOLA – (same as above) – Head of Learning Area
LOTE – Languages Other Than English Learning Area – at Margaret River SHS = French and Indonesian
LSC – Learning Support Coordinator
MAWA – Maths Association of WA
MCJ – Making Consistent Judgement
MREC – Margaret River Educational Campus
MSE – Monitoring Standards in Education
P & C – Parents and Citizens
PD – Professional Development
PE – Physical Education
SIS – School Information Systems
SMG – School (Senior) Management Group
SOSE – Studies of Society and the Environment Learning Area
SSD – School Development Days (student free days)
T &E – Technology & Design Learning Area
TEE – Tertiary Entrance Exam
TIC – Teacher in Charge
VET – Vocational Education Training
WAMSE – Western Australian Monitoring Standards in Education
WSA – Wholly School Assessed