The Year 12 cohort celebrated five years of high school at Xanadu Winery on Wednesday evening, 4th September. The invited students and 35 staff members listened to speeches, enjoyed outstanding food and then danced the night away. The stunning slide show was put together by Petra Stene and contrasted the Year 8 and Year 12 images. The workplace students received their letters to themselves that they wrote three years ago back. These letters caused a sensation of laughs and ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’. Student representatives Emily Simpson and Jade Kreutzer recalled memorable moments and thanked the teachers for their tremendous efforts and their peers for being such an integrative and fun group. Kiara Stevens gave an inspiring speech and received a standing ovation from all present. Students worked hard to come up with some interesting ‘Most Likely to …’ tags. Upper school coordinator Ben Finch handed out a selection of awards and Deputy principal Kara Beecham closed a successful night.

Patrick Marzohl
Teacher of European Languages & Humanities and Social Science
Margaret River Senior High School