I proudly acknowledge the outstanding accomplishments of our student leaders within the school community.

William Temby (Year 11) and Chiara Falls (Year 8) have achieved a significant milestone by being selected as State Finalists for the 2024 Premier’s ANZAC Student Tour. Their selection from a statewide pool of candidates is a testament to their exceptional qualities. They prepare for the final stage to represent Western Australia during the 2024 tour in Singapore from April 6th to April 15th, 2024, as part of ANZAC commemorations.

I also celebrate Kiara Lee-Pullen for making the shortlist for the Western Australian Student Council. This council empowers students to influence education policy in our state. Kiara’s upcoming group interview via Webex is a unique and admirable achievement, demonstrating her commitment to shaping our educational future.

Our SCRaM teams (School Conflict Resolution and Mediation) recently completed their training with distinction. Professional mediator Marilyn Hopkins praised their performance, noting that they would have earned another state title if the State-wide competition continued. Our students will now prepare portfolios for the endorsed program submission and transition into peer mediation at school next term.

Congratulations to all our student leaders for their remarkable achievements, dedication, and the positive impact they bring to our school community. Your accomplishments make us proud, and we anticipate your continued success. Well done to all student leaders!

By Patrick Marzohl, Student Leadership Coordinator