The 2023 Premier’s ANZAC Student Tour was an incredible experience for the ten carefully selected students and three teachers. The tour provided a unique opportunity to explore the shared history and cultural heritage of Australia and New Zealand through a range of activities that challenged assumptions and deepened our understanding. The tour allowed students to gain a new perspective on their own lives and the world around them and provided opportunities for personal growth and team building. 

I want to call on all interested students and teachers to apply for year’s tour. In April 2024, the tour will travel to Singapore, and students in Years 8 to 11 can apply to be selected as ambassadors for the tour. All students in Years 8 to 11 at a public or non-government school in Western Australia are eligible to apply. Students who enter need to display a genuine interest in the Anzac experience, an appreciation of the study of history, excellent interpersonal and communication skills and self-confidence, a willingness to share your tour experiences in your school and local community, if selected. Information regarding the 2024 Premier’s ANZAC Student Tour can be found on this website:

The link to my tour journal is here:

Patrick Marzohl