The senior student councillors have made the decision to alter the constitution and to allow all 38 applicants to become members of the 2021 student council. This is unprecedented but allows for a broader student leadership academic extension program. The school needs students that are willing to engage and are committed to contributing in a positive way to our learning environment. The 2021 student council candidates have already started their training with their interaction with Terry Redman MLA and contributing to the Augusta Margaret River Shire Youth Vision 2040. 

The student council in its present form has been created in 2008 with a vision of forming a representative student body of all years that participates in whole school decision making and culture building. The 2021 student council consists of a record 38 members: ten from Years 7, eight from Year 8, seven from Year 9, six from Year 10 and seven senior student leaders from Year 11. 

There will be an induction day early next year and students will be able to enrol in the Community Service Endorsed Program in addition to the SCRaM and student leadership Endorsed Programs already offered. I am looking forward to working with the 2021 Margaret River SHS Student Council. 

Patrick Marzohl 
Head of Department,Languages, and Humanities and Social Science