On Friday afternoon, seven student councillors were invited to the main stage of the 2021 Reader’s and Writers’ festival to discuss The New Normal. Taylor Hickmann, Abbey Galvin, Amelia Glass, Jarvis Ding, Sara Clarke, Kit Mueller and Maddison Harvey discussed their perspective of the media, ways to stay positive in a changing world, the literature they read to relax and switch off and the wishes they have of the older generation with Perth-based writer, educator and emotional feminist Maddie Godfrey. It was a unique, extra-curricular opportunity for these students, and they mastered it very well and chatted freely about Maths homework, walking the dog, the expectation of their generation to grow up while having to solve the problems of the world, climate change and living in a town that was largely untouched by the pandemic. A very special thank you to Michelle Wright from Arts Margaret River and Sian Baker, Festival Director, for giving our students this fantastic possibility to learn outside the classroom and articulate their views.

Patrick Marzohl 

Teacher of European Languages and Humanities and Social Sciences, and Student Leadership Coordinator 
Margaret River Senior High School