The results are in…

In a year marked by resilience and academic triumphs, Margaret River Senior High School proudly announces exceptional results in the 2023 Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) assessments. The dedication and hard work of both students and educators have culminated in outstanding achievements.

Out of the 50 students who attained an ATAR, an impressive 12 students soared to new heights, achieving an ATAR of 95 or greater. This places those students in the top five per cent of All students who achieved an ATAR. Additionally, 23 students attained an ATAR of 90 or better, and a remarkable 41 students secured an ATAR of 80 or higher, showcasing the commitment to academic excellence at Margaret River SHS.

A notable highlight is once the Regional Bonus is applied the achievements are elevated even further with a total of 37 students from Margaret River SHS receiving an ATAR of 90 and above. This reflects the school’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent within the regional context.

While the Median ATAR is no longer provided, calculations estimate that this year’s figure would have been an impressive 89.8. Such a result would have placed Margaret River SHS well within the top twenty schools in the state, firmly establishing its position among the top few Public Schools.

Congratulations are in order for the ATAR teachers of 2023, who provided unwavering support during the final year and significantly contributed in the years preceding. Jack Holzer, Student Leader, expressed his gratitude, stating, “The teaching staff helped us so much to achieve our personal best. Whether it was before school classes, homework club, proofing questions outside of hours, they made themselves available at all times.”

Jack also commended the strong team mentality within the year group, emphasizing the collaborative spirit that propelled everyone to do their best. “Overall, it’s fantastic that you can have a brilliant education at Margaret River SHS, and that everyone is able to go to university and study their course of choice,” he added.

School Principal Andrew Host emphasized Margaret River SHS’s commitment to providing opportunities for all students in all pathways. He stated, “It is a testament to the hard work of the students, who were supported so well by their teachers over their six-year journey, that these results have been achieved in the ATAR pathway. We are similarly pleased with the success of the General and Vocational students whose success we hope to announce shortly”

The remarkable success in the ATAR results is a testament to the dedication, collaboration, and educational excellence at Margaret River Senior High School. Congratulations to all students, teachers, and staff for this outstanding achievement!

Edward Bancroft

Tully Bligh (Absent)

Lucy Bromell

Fletcher Bucat – (Absent)

Jay Burgess

Riley Field

Tom Hage

Mia Helenius

Jack Holzer

James Kaew-ard

Ashlinn Lee-Pullen

Indi McCarthy

Seb Messenger

Ella Mulvey

Kai-Anna Prendergast

Jazmin Rybicki

Taryn Semenow

Poppy Sowden

Archie Targett

Elli Taylor

Charlotte Thomas

Josh Todd

Veronica Wittorff – (Absent)

Steve Jurilj • Deputy Principal