On Friday, 13 May, the Student Council joined Drama staff and students to attend the opening event of the 2022 Margaret River Readers’ and Writers’ Festival titled Marluthe  Man and Djitty-Djitty by indigenous play writers Yirra Yaakin. Students listened to writers talk about the process of collaboration to ‘build’ plays and stories. They learnt how the mechanics of play writing works and enjoyed the inaugural reading performance by the writers.

Our students were very active in the question-and-answer session that followed. This gave them a chance to pose insightful questions about the creative process. Exposure to this event inspired some students to attend the exciting festival launch for the 2022 Margaret River Readers’ and Writers’ Festival. 

At this launch an audience of over 300 enjoyed a performance including Drama teachers Mem McCormack and Amy Johnstone who joined six other women to perform a selection of scenes from a new verbatim drama written by Victoria Midwinter Pitts, called I’m With Her. This play will be studied by Upper School Drama students in 2023.

Mem McCormack and Patrick Marzohl