On Friday 20 September, 4 Year 7 students – Bree San Pablo, William Dalimore, Kate Jovic and Felix Shilkin participated in the inaugural Junior South West Philosothon. Students competed in 4 Community of Inquiries across the day with topics such as “How do we know what is real?”, “Can you ever have free will?” and “What makes a good person?”.  Students use their critical, creative and collaborative thinking and work towards an answer, when there might not be a definitive one!  There were students representing Hale College all the way from Perth as well as students from Margaret River PS and all across the South West. Whilst there were no official team prizes, our students were commended on their thinking, open communication and ability to unpack complex ideas. Their attendance at Philosophy Club on Fridays certainly sharpened their thinking tools and we welcome anyone who would like to join us!

Hayley Wills
-L3CT English Teacher-