Senior School Engagement Program (SSEP)

{besps}faculties/ssep{/besps}Margaret River Senior High School recognises that students return to Senior School for a variety of reasons and has developed this program in order to create educational opportunities that:

  • create Individual Educational Programs to cater for student academic need.
  • build Individual Pathway Plans to achieve career goals.
  • incorporate flexible options and opportunities to exit school.

Curriculum and Structure

The students:

  • follow the usual subject selection process in their transition from Year 10 to Year 11.
  • are part of a discrete group for English, Mathematics and Work Readiness that could include:
    • TAFE Units of Competency,
    • Curriculum Council endorsed programs,
    • excursions and visits to industry and commerce,
    • work mentoring opportunities,
    • development of work and employability skills.
  • select three other subjects of their choice. eg Catering, Building & Construction, Photography…
  • Hours and Timetable

    The program:

  • connects with the student’s current level of achievement.
  • has flexibility to modify individual timetables.
  • offers a mix of negotiated educational opportunities. eg
    • one day at TAFE, four days at school;
    • one day at TAFE, one day work place, three days at school;
    • one or more days per week Work Mentoring in the work place;
    • traineeship and school.
  • links learning to life skills.
  • is delivered by skilled and experienced teachers.
  • is carefully monitored to ensure the needs of each student continue to be met throughout the year.


There is strong support from:

  • the Participation Directorate, Department of Education and Training.
  • the District Education Office.
  • The program has:
    • an endorsed management plan.
    • a management team which meets regularly to oversee the program’s development, implementation and evaluation.
    • access to funding which enables flexibility of activities.
    • representation and direct input to other school services.


There are strong community links with:

  • Jobs Southwest
  • Employment Direction Network
  • local businesses as Work Mentors

Work Mentoring

Individuals from our community interact with the students to share employment pathway stories, assisting with the development of skills and values recognised as being essential for success in the workplace. This is an important component of the program and can occur in a variety of formats. At school we have invited guest speakers, as well as mentors who occasionally or regularly participate in employability skills lessons. This may be either with the class, small group or individual. Off site mentoring occurs in the form of excursions or camps with a group of students, and flexible work placement for individuals. The support from the wider community is highly valued.