Each year, the Commissioner for Children and Young People appoints an advisory committee of children and young people under 18. Advisory Committees contribute directly to the Commissioner’s work, giving children and young people a say on important matters affecting their wellbeing. This year, the Commissioner has two advisory committees that will inform the current work program on girls’ wellbeing. One of these committees is the Margaret River SHS student leadership team, and the other is Penrhos College in Perth. The advisory committees have been appointed to explore more fully the finding from the Commissioner’s Speaking Out Surveys of WA students, which identified that female, young people consistently rated their wellbeing below that of their male peers, reporting higher rates of stress, low life satisfaction and not feeling happy about themselves. On Thursday, 9 June, the Advisory Committee met to continue the work on the report. The next meeting will be on Monday, 27 June. The senior policy officer, Ms Lorilee Gale, is delighted with the review work of the student leaders from Years 8 to 10.