School Drug Guidelines

Margaret River Senior High School has developed School Drug Education Guidelines that aim to keep young people safer and encourage a shared commitment to drug education between staff, students and parents. The guidelines outline the procedures that exist within school to manage issues and incidents involving possible drug use and providing support intervention.  The school Health and Wellbeing Committee has taken a drug education leadership role and developed the guidelines in consultation with staff, students, parents and community members. This addresses drug education and necessary related interventions in a caring and consistent manner within the Margaret River Senior High School community.

In conjunction with the guidelines, the Health curriculum has been revised to include the latest evidence based information and resources. Classroom programs focus on skill development, develop students’ knowledge and understanding, attitudes and values and promote help-seeking behaviour.  Learning is extended from the classroom to promote parent support of drug education programs.

This whole school approach promotes a sense of shared responsibility for student welfare and contributes to the prevention and reduction of harm to students, staff and the wider-school community. 

You can download the school drug education guidelines here (PDF, 132kb)