Opportunities for students to do more in their final years at school are increasing. In our community employers are considering the transitional process of training students while they complete their WACE. Retail, Tourism, IT, Hospitality, as well as the traditional areas are all possible.

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SBA or SBT) are paid employment-based training programs for full time school students who are generally 15 years of age and over. In an SBA or SBT you will be a full time student and a part time employee with the same employment and training conditions and responsibilities as other apprentices/trainees.

Guide to Western Australian school-based apprenticeships and traineeships

A guide to Western Australian school-based apprenticeships and traineeships has been developed to support schools, registered training organisations, employers, students, parents and other stakeholders operating in the WA apprenticeship and traineeship system.

The guide provides detailed information on the key aspects involved in a school-based apprenticeship and traineeship (SBAT) arrangement, including:

  • a quick guide outlining the key steps involved in an SBAT from starting out through to completion;
  • real life examples that make it easier to understand how SBATs actually work in practice;
  • information on the roles and responsibilities of each of the stakeholders in an SBAT; and
  • links for easy access to fact sheets, forms and other information.   

View the SBAT guide 

For more information on how SBT or SBA’s could work for you please follow the links to the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) Providers for helpful advice, or contact us at the Careers Office at Margaret River.

ASSN Providers in South West are:

The Apprenticeship Community https://www.apprenticeshipcommunity.com.au/

Apprenticeship Support Australia http://www.apprenticeshipsupport.com.au/

MEGT https://www.megt.com.au

You can register on all these sites as a potential employee or employer.