On Thursday, 2nd December a group of twenty-six Year 8 and Year 9 MRSHS students were finally able to meet their sister school friends from Taiwan JuiFang Industrial High School in an online meeting. They have been working together for a month in two country water projects, along with exchanging postcards between the two schools. During the meeting, both school students were so excited as they shared their school stories and the scenic spots in their areas.
Margaret River students’ feedback from the online communication:
– “As a Year 8 student, it was so cool to watch the Year 9 students’ presentation and I can’t wait until I get to do it next year.” (L Field)
– “I thought this conference was great experience especially the culture exchange activities. I love meeting my pen pal and seeing everyone. I’d love to do it again. Love you Mrs McCoy for organising the web conference for us.” (Y Byrne)
– “I enjoyed the video chat because it allowed us to make friends across the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we made lifelong friends.”(T Utting)
– “It was a great opportunity to work collaboratively and sharing ideas on ISA water resource project with our buddies from Taiwan. Looking forward to meeting them in Taiwan.” (W Dallimore)