On Wednesday, 8 June 2022, the Hon. Sue Ellery, Minister for Education, and her staff officially opened the new school oval. The distinguished guests were greeted at school by the head students, Madeleine Sherlock and Sienna Dodd, the school leadership team and the cadet corps. After a short and wind-blown inspection of the new facility, the party went inside the gym to conduct the unveiling of the plaque ceremony. The gathered guests included Ms Elizabeth Kelsbie, MLA, Member for Warren-Blackwood, Dr Barbara Maidment, chairperson of the school board, the principal, Andrew Host, and the deputy principal Steve Jurilj, representatives of the school staff and the whole student council, representing the students of Margaret River SHS. In her speech, the Minister explained that this was the most expensive oval ever built in Western Australia. Mr Host thanked the state government for the new facility and said that he was looking forward to the school’s first-ever sports carnival on the side. After the speech, the Minister unveiled the plaque displayed at the new facility, supported by Ms Kelsbie, the principal and the head students. It was a short but memorable occasion. Sports lessons have already commenced on the new oval.