On Tuesday, the student councillors and HASS students had a unique opportunity to meet our representative in the Western Australian parliament. Terry Redman visited the school during recess and Period 3. He talk to the students about his journey to become a politician. He explained that he did not want to go into politics at first but committed to this duty full-heartedly after his family and party encouraged him to stand for election. Mr Redman has been a National Party member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly since February 2005, He explained that he was in opposition and then in Government and now in opposition again. Mr Redman was appointed Minister of Regional Development; Lands, among many other portfolios, taking on the responsibility of overseeing the Royalties for Regions program. He explained that many projects in Margaret River were funded by this scheme including the new High School buildings. The students then had ample opportunities to ask questions. The HASS faculty would like to thank Mr Redman for coming to the school and give such a personal and lively account of living in the political spotlight. Special thanks also go Mr Temby for organising this visit. As two student councillors told each other after recess: “This was so exciting!”.