The winner of the 2021 School diary cover art competition, Amali McKay, has added another major achievement to her emerging career as digital illustrator. Amali has done the illustrations to the recently published children’s book Astara and Erefrey. Goddesses of the realm & The Little Blue Planet by local author Ann M Basili. In an interview with Madeleine Sherlock, Amali explained how this project was a continuation after the diary cover art competition win which gave her publicity. Amali works with Procreate on her iPad. She stated that the “Apple pencil and the iPad is the dream team” for illustrators. She is a keen artist who wants to pursue a career in Visual Art, aiming for digital illustration work with Pixar or Disney at one stage. She is currently completing her Cert III in Visual Art at Margaret River SHS. Look out for her work at Creating Identity exhibition later this year.