On Friday, 22 October, a group of twenty-one Year 7 and Year 8 Chinese and Indonesian languages students had their Web Conference with their sister school from Taiwan-RuiFang JHS. Both schools’ students enjoyed their online communication and shared different sports that they play in their countries.

Margaret River students’ feedback:

It was so fun to see what other kids our age looks like from other countries. (M Golebiowski – Yr 7)

The conference with RFJHS was very good. I learnt quite a bit about their culture including the sports that they play in Taiwan. It was very interesting to learn new words from their students and talk and interact. (T Prendergast – Yr 7)

Really fun, I love talking to all the amazing kids in Taiwan. All of them seemed so lovely and I can’t wait to meet them face to face.  (D Oates – Yr 7)

The web conference with RFJHS was great experience of culture and language. It was cool to interact with the students from another country. (H Thierfelder – Yr 7)

It was a fun and engaging activity, a great learning experience for both school participants. (L Sharpe – Yr 8)

The web conference with our sister school RFJHS was the best thing ever. I believe that it will really boost everyone spirit to learn even more. It was fun, and I hope to speak to them soon. (L Field – Yr 8)

I think the web conference is a great idea to communicate with our sister school students. (I Freeman – Yr 8)

Good fun and great experience. I wish I can do it again. Thank you, Mrs McCoy. (X Moran – Yr 8)