On Thursday, 2 June, 25 student leaders attended the 2022 GRIP Leadership convention in Bunbury. This year’s theme was ‘Raising the Standard of Leadership’. This conference is ideal for secondary students of all year levels. The students enjoyed the event immensely and came away with new skills, perspectives, and ideas for making a positive contribution as a leader. In plenary and elective sessions, the presenters focussed on striving to do things better. They guided students through a process of recognising areas that could be raised to a new level of excellence and then taught the practical steps to achieve a higher standard. The students were highly engaged throughout the six-hour event. They expressed their appreciation in the following feedback statements: “It was a great opportunity for student leaders from the southwest to come together.” “It was super awesome; having the interactive sessions was really helpful.” “I really, really liked it, and I think they should continue to do the GRIP conferences every year.” The students thanked the driver from the Shep group and the school for making this experience possible through the Engagement and Enrichment funding.

Patrick Marzohl

Video link: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AuMd_nVaQVa4ic5XTkbFyyWJuBQq6A?e=zDsux5