A sensational night of competitive mediation ended in total success for Margaret River SHS. We won the SCRaM Commitment Award and the 2019 SCRaM State Title. Judge Michael Gething presented the perpetual trophy with the words that the Margaret River SCRaM team showed outstanding mediation skills and maturity well beyond their year. He invited the students to consider the Law profession as a future study option. St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School put more focus on acting out of the conflict and less so on the skills of mediation.
With this success the SCRaM year comes to an end. The students will now complete their portfolio with this sought-after SCRaM certificates and receive the Endorsed Program recognition. Special thanks go to the school’s E&E funding initiative for making these experiences possible. The SCRaM students will now become peer mediators and assist Student Services in Term 4 with student conflict resolution.
Patrick Marzohl