1st Place – Pisces

2nd Place – Taurus

3rd Place – Scorpio

4th Place – Aquarius

Most lunchtimes at Margaret River Senior High School you will find a large number of students playing chess. Chess Club is held in the newly built STEM rooms with many spectators and even more competitors. With 12 student-made laser cut competitive boards and 3D printed chess pieces, Chess Club has become a hive of activity.

The inaugural Inter-house Chess Competition was held this Term and the level of skill from students in Year 7-12 was impressive. After multiple days of competition between the houses, Pisces came out on top with 10 points. Both Taurus and Scorpio drew for second position on 6 points, and while Aquarius came last on 4 points, their performance was outstanding with only 3 competitors on their team. The undefeated Chess Captain, Hugo Smith, is thanked for his assistance in the smooth running of the competition, and all competitors are congratulated for their strategy and skill. 

Many students are staying out of the cold, spectating and competing in the current Year 12 5 Minute Rapid Chess Tournament. It is a pleasure to see so many students challenging themselves and building strong connections across the school. All students are always welcome to come along and watch or play. Join us in the STEM rooms at lunchtime on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Paul Chamberlain
Science & STEM Teacher