On Tuesday, 18 October 2022, the HASS Department invited the top achieving students in Years 7-9 to participate in the 2022 Illuminate Business Challenge at Cape Naturaliste College. The 18 student representatives of Margaret River SHS contested the challenge in teams of five to design a business that supports or promotes the aims of the Future Earth initiative. The other schools present were Cape Naturaliste College, Manjimup SHS and Bridgetown Middle School.

The solution the groups needed to design could be selling a product, organising events and activities, or providing services! Whatever the business design was, it needed to support or promote one or more of the eight key challenges of the Future Earth initiative. 

The Illuminate Business Challenge was an exciting and immersive academic extension experience for all involved, focusing on students stepping up and taking control of their learning in all aspects. It was an intensive day of critical thinking, planning and designing – a real-life educational STEAM opportunity. 

The teams presented clever business ideas and were highly commended for their sustainable solutions.

Video of the day can be found here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AuMd_nVaQVa4iq0ZpdcxEz2amsDNWg?e=i1DXsH