On Tuesday night 45 of our Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 students had such fun and presented outstanding work in this year’s Youth on Health Festival at the Bunbury Entertainment Centre.

After running THREE before school workshops every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for two and half terms – Chanel Livesey had her amazing dance troupes ready to shine.

Our students were a stand-out on stage at the Bunbury Entertainment Centre. They performed in three dances and won three certificates.

Thanks to ex-student Eleni Lambert for her coaching and mentoring. Huge thanks to Amy Johnstone who has supported so many morning workshops and assisted all troupes work towards quality work. Most of all – thanks and acknowledgement of the talent and dedication Chanel Livesey drew on to offer our students this amazing experience. In her first year here she has built a culture in Dance that celebrates excellence, artistry, a sense of community and belonging – along with so much fun!

Happy kids – very happy, proud parents & one lucky school!