On September the 6th a massive crowd enjoyed a massive program of performance work presented by happy, talented, dedicated students at the Big Band Picnic.

The skill level of young musicians was amazing.

The line up and variety of every item was so entertaining.

The stunning Year 9 dance item unfolding while a beautiful trio sang acapella to the drumming of a djembe.

The Drama student MC was a gem.

The food provided by our Year 12s was a hit.

The audience were so engaged and supportive and appreciative.

The work done by Chanel Livesey, Sunny Hardy, Tony Lane, Andrea Manners, Bruce Godden, Karen Niedermeyer and Michelle Spriggs was (as always) showcased so beautifully.

And the leadership, talent and beautiful work of Isabelle Lemon – teacher, musician, leader, mentor – who works so hard to continue to inspire excellence and creativity and a love for the arts.