Big 10 Day is an activity-based relationship building session for our students where they get to mingle in mixed groups with their teachers. The idea is to promote better mental health and positive relationship building. For the last 3 hours of Wednesday 12th October, students rotated between sessions of mountain biking, trail walking, stress ball making, DIY self-care product making, women’s health & wellbeing, paper plane making, basketball, skateboarding, volleyball, dance, soccer, escape rooms, playdough making, karaoke, art, IT gaming, Uno, craft, origami, board games, donut/biscuit making, and a crazy colour run at the end. Guest speaker, Brad Ness, spoke to groups about workplace safety, inclusivity, and achieving goals. Brad is a 5-time paralympian and captain of the Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team.

Thanks to Mel Chapell, Leah Russell and their team for all their hard work coordinating this day.