On Friday, 20November, fifteen Year 8 Margaret River SHS Chinese Language students had their first Web Conference with their sister school from Taiwan-Rui Fang JHS. Both schools’ students enjoyed their online communication and shared the beauty of their regions, culture and cuisine.

MRSHS students’feedback:

  • Love the experience and meeting/seeing another school and making friends. I really enjoyed it and glad I had this opportunity. They’re very funny and friendly. (Y Byrne)
  • I liked listening to the Taiwan kids. They were very nice and funny. They had lots of interesting things to see and were great listeners. It was awesome experience! (KJovic)
  • This was an amazing cultural experience that gave me a new perspective on life in Taiwan. (W Dallimore)
  • I love the teleconference. It was great opportunity to meet new people and to
    practice my Chinese. (S Sherlock)
  • This was a very unique experience. The RFJHS students were really nice and made us feel comfortable while speaking to them. (M Harper)

Angela McCoy
MRSHS International Relations Coordinator/Asian Languages Teacher