Margaret River Senior High School recently sent a group of student leaders to the GRIP student leadership conference in Bunbury. The conference, which stands for Generating Real Insights for Purpose, is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration they need to become better leaders.

The conference featured a range of fun activities and engaging sessions that encouraged students to interact with other schools and learn from each other. The feedback from the students who attended was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the conference for its focus on making the sessions interesting and informative.

The students also spoke about what makes their school great, with many highlighting the range of activities and opportunities available to students. They also mentioned the friendly environment, the leadership opportunities, and the wide variety of subjects and electives on offer.

When asked about how they can maintain the greatness of their school, students suggested a range of ideas, including a school fair, a stay-overnight for our Year 12 students, and continuing to encourage students to participate in the traditions and customs of the school.

Overall, the conference provided an excellent opportunity for students to learn and grow as leaders, and the feedback from those who attended suggests that they came away from the experience feeling inspired and motivated to make positive changes in their school and community.

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Password: GRIP

Patrick Marzohl

Student Leadership Coordinator