Yesterday, an engaging and enlightening Councillor-for-a-Day workshop took place at the Augusta Margaret River Shire Council chamber. The event provided students with a unique opportunity to delve into the workings of local governance.

The workshop took place in the Augusta Margaret River Shire Council chamber, where students were introduced to the proceedings. The day started with the insightful questioning of shire councillors Julia Meldrum, Tracey Muir, and Kylie Kennaugh. The students posed thought-provoking questions, uncovering motivations behind becoming councillors, personal backgrounds, and the process of policy-setting and decision-making. The councillors shared valuable insights into their roles and responsibilities.

Seb Miller, Coordinator of Sport and Recreation Services at the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, offered a glimpse into the operation and management of recreational facilities. He showcased current court usage statistics and plans for expanding outdoor netball and basketball courts, shedding light on the shire’s commitment to enhancing community sports.

In a practical session, students learned about formal meeting procedures and simulated a council meeting. Council staff members were at hand to support the students in their various roles. A tour of the shire offices and council building followed, further deepening the students’ understanding of local governance.

The day concluded on a high note, as students enjoyed a sumptuous lunch with the shire councillors, discussing issues pertinent to young people and building connections. Their presence was then noted at the regular council meeting, marking an impactful end to a truly sensational day.

The success of this workshop was a testament to the dedication of the shire council and councillors. Special thanks were extended to all involved, including the supportive Shire staff members, and the conductors of the event Katie Taylor, Coordinator of Community Planning and Development, Rebecca Young, Community Development Officer, and Helena Williams, the Youth Trainee for 2023. Despite Helena’s unfortunate absence due to illness, her efforts in organizing the day did not go unnoticed.

The Councillor-for-a-Day event exemplified the openness and dedication of the Shire Council, leaving participants with a deep appreciation for the intricacies of local governance and community engagement.

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