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2017 China Tour – Day Five

A day at the Haining Number 1 High School today. First things first the student [...]

2017 China Tour – Day 4 Report

Long time no hear, sorry about that. Internet here is difficult to access. More importantly [...]

2017 China Tour- Day 3 Report

After overcoming the internet issues at Haining long enough to get Day 2 report home, [...]

2017 China Tour Day 2 – Report

Went to bed, blinked, morning already. Welcome back to the daily report from all the [...]

2017 China Tour Day 1 – Report

Once again the experiential offerings of Margaret River SHS have taken to the skies in [...]

China Tour Itinerary

Getting for take-off on Friday!

The excitement continues to build as Friday quickly approaches. The arrangements for Friday the 15th at [...]