High School Awards for High Achievers

MARGARET River Senior High School’s highest achievers in years 8-10 had their moment in the spotlight at a celebration assembly on Tuesday, December 13 at the Margaret River Culture Centre.

The gathering was organised and chaired by the 2011 Student Council, with Elizabeth Jackson and Alina Doyle as MCs.

Music and dance students performed, principal Andrew Host emphasised the closeness between the school and community, and departing Lower School co-ordinator Patrick Marzohl presented a photo movie of the year.

Departing Canadian exchange teachers Annette and John Noble thanked the school and donated a book to the library as a token of appreciation.

The students thanked the teachers, parents and the community.

The Awards

1620800Year 8 Subject Awards

Arts: Phoebe Smith
Visual Arts and Jacksons Arts Supply: Meg Riordan
Performing Arts Award: Abbey Hayes
Mathematics: Phoebe Smith
Mathematics General: Noah Jennings
Mathematics Essential: Jake Rodgers
Top Student, Science: Phoebe Smith
Science: Kyra Payne, Bailee Hastie, Laura Albertson
Career IT: Amy McFarland
Home Economics and Farm: Nook Pasoongnern
TD and Woodwork: Samuel Jackson, Bailee Hastie
Top English Student: Abbey Hayes
English: Georgia Woolcock
Library Top Student: Amilee Fougere
Library Recognition: Violet Beaudot
Physical Education Boys: Ethan Payne
Physical Education Girls: Phoebe Smith
Health Ed: Amy McFarland
French: Phoebe Smith
German: Tarn Staveley
Indonesian: Amy McFarland, Chloe Daniels
S&E: Chloe Daniels, Amy McFarland, Joshua Shinnick, Kyra Payne

Year 8 Top Student and winner of the academic medal: Phoebe Smith

Runner-Up Top Student: Amy McFarland

1620799Year 9 Subject Awards

Arts: Aninya Marzohl
Visual Arts & Jacksons Arts Supply: Alexandra Karri-Davies
Media Photography: Holly Harford
Performing Arts: Sienna Fiorentino
Mathematics: Tobias Edwards
Mathematics General: Rory Stevenson
Mathematics Essential: Lewis Becker
NAPLAN Mathematics: Joel Carter, Runner-Up: Tobias Edwards
WSE Science: Jack Challis
Science: Gene Buchanan, Jack Challis, Summer Porter
Career IT: Sandy Tugwood
Home Economics Cooking: Wheatley Hunter
Manual Arts Woodwork: Jacob Wilcox
Manual Arts Metalwork: Bryson Cooling
Manual Arts Jewellery: Molly Ryan

1620798Year 10 Subject Awards

Top Student, The Arts: Pascoe, Sunny
Visual Arts & Jacksons Arts Supply Award: Webb, Josh
Media (Photography) Award: Muste, Breanna
Performing Arts Award: Doyle, Alina
Top Student Mathematics 2AB: Jackson, Elizabeth
Mathematics Award 2AB: Muste, Breanna
Mathematics Award 1AB: Hedley, Corey
Top Student, Science: Jackson, Elizabeth
Science Award: Ryan, Madeline
Science Award: Woolcock, Brooke
Science Award: Carboni, Tiana
Science Award: Teague, Jack
Career IT: Muste, Breanna
Computing Award: Webb, Josh
Home Economics (cooking) Award: Dickson, Geena
Manual Arts (Woodwork) Award: Morris, Zephyr
Manual Arts (Metalwork) Award: Smart, Ben
Manual Arts (Jewellery) Award: Muste, Breanna
Agriculture Award: Haworth, Leah
Top English Award: Muste, Breanna
English Runner-Up Award: Jackson, Elizabeth
Top Student Library: Robbins, Jesse
Physical Education Boys: Abbey, Oliver
Physical Education Girls: Polain, Tegan
Canoeing Award: Adams, Lincoln
Health Ed: Robertson-Spencer, Gemma
Indonesian: Hemmings, Alicia
Indonesian: Miolin, James
French Top Student: Jackson, Elizabeth
German Top Student: Jones, River
Japanese Students: Andrews, Isabella
S & E: Renolds, Kieran
S & E: Tusak, Grace
S & E: Snow, Phoebe
S & E: Jackson, Elizabeth
S & E: Miolin, James

2011 Year 10 Top Student and winner of the academic medal: Elizabeth Jackson

2011 Year 10 Runner-Up Top Student: Breanna Muste