The annual Voice Public speaking competition organised and run by United Nation Youth Association (UNYA) has returned to Margaret River this week. This exciting opportunity for students in Years 7 to 10 to broaden their knowledge of national and international affairs, and to develop their presentation and public speaking skills in a unique forum has been an annual feature of the student leadership development program. The competition is a fantastic opportunity for students to improve research and communication skills.

Voice gives students the chance to make your voice heard on key issues that are shaping the future of your society. Through the presentation of a prepared speech and answering impromptu questions, they explore topics of global and personal significance as they persuade, entertaine, and inspire their audience. This was the first extra-curricular event held in the new H-Block.

The 2019 TOPICS were:

  1. How can the international community promote high quality media and journalism?
  2. How can we improve access to educational opportunities in regional and remote areas?
  3. How can we ensure newly developing technology is accessible to people in all parts of the world?
  4. How can the international community manage and prevent civil conflicts around the world?
  5. How can Australia improve economic equality between its citizens?
  6. How can we promote and improve mental health in Australia?

Congratulations to the following students for their fantastic contributions:

Year 7: Sarah Clarke, Tom Utting

Year 8: Abbey Lentjes, Edward Bancroft, Jack Holzer

Year 9: Madeleine Sherlock

Year 10: Sarah Wake, Vincent Lambin-Noiret, Sarah Barros

Patrick Marzohl
Teacher of European Languages & Humanities and Social Science