On Tuesday, February 16th, the Margaret River SHS student councillors, ranging from Year 8 to Year 11, attended an Induction Day. They discussed responsibilities, expectations, and roles and duties conversed with guest speakers, and came up with issues and resolved them quickly.

Student Councillors broke into seven multi-aged groups: representation, environment, fundraising, planning, documentation, events and recognition. They brainstormed ideas, discussed topics and created a proposal for the senior councillors to review. Students identified possible problems and discussed options to solve them. They managed themselves with ease. Every group was engaged and coming up with dozens of incredible ideas to improve their area of responsibility. At the end of the workshop, the students practised tying ties and tried on the new school blazers.

Guest speakers Ian Thwaites, our very own Design and Technologies teacher, and Shannon Walker, Augusta Margaret River Shire Community Development Officer Trainee, came in to speak with the students about their respective topics. Mr Thwaites discussed the Containers For Change and the MR Refund Initiative while Shannon spoke about YAC and Youth Shire Initiatives.

A huge thank you to our presenter, Mr Marzohl, and all 40 2021 student councillors. We look forward to future events involving this great student council.

Taylor Hickman, Form 8.1

Patrick MarzohlTeacher of Languages, and Humanities and Social Science, and Student Leadership CoordinatorMargaret River Senior High School