To recognise Water week, and fullfill our obligation as being an accredited Water wise School ,the students of the Waterwise committee are setting up a water testing station in the canteen this Wednesday and Thursday Lunch time. We will be testing for Chlorine, pH, Nitrates, Hardness and Alkalinity. Bring along any sample of water you drink, whether it be from a rainwater tank or a tap.  or have your aquarium , dam or pond water tested too!

The students are also undertaking a survery of water tasting by asking volunteers to taste 3 different unlabelled sources of drinking water. They will be recording the students’ preferences  to see whether bottled water really is any better than MARGIES  (Highschool )drinking fountain water.

PLease send in your samples and come along for a water taste test.

We are looking for more students to join the group- we meet every lunchtime to discuss ways to save water at school and around the home,ideas on how to educate the school and wider community about the value of water and  do High Tech water testing with laboratory machines, measure rainfall, and aim for at least two excursions a term!. Last term we Visited 10 mile brook dam to have an exclusive Behind the Scenes tour.( see photo) with The Water Corporation Education officers..Click on link below to see the poster celebrating the week