We held our Faction Swimming Carnival today at the MR Recreation Centre for all nominated students. These included students from Year 7 to Year 12 from a range of abilities. Events were filled consistently all day keeping organisers busy throughout the day. The atmosphere was amazing with a showcase of both talent and determination. Whilst the top swimmers impressed with their grace and ease through the water, it was the students finishing at the back of field who brought students, staff and parent to their feet with their inspiring efforts.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Berin for coordinating the carnival today in a very professional and effective manner. Thanks also to Sarah, Jenelle, Paul, Janine, Woody and Dan for their efforts in supporting our students with wonderful opportunity through key roles around the pool deck. Once again, our senior students were fantastic, with the Sport Coaching students taking care of timing, recording and marshalling and our IT students for the data entry into SportsTracker. Well Done!

Shane Joyce
Head of learning Area
Health & Physical Education

Results were:

1st Taurus
2nd Aquarius
3rd Scorpio
4th Pisces

Congratulations to our champions:

Champion Awards

Year 7 Girls Champion –  Nellie Lee
Year 7 Girls Runner Up –  Ruby Berry
Year 7 Boys Champion –  Archie O’Beirne
Year 7 Boys Runner Up –  Okie Fraser
Year 8 Girls Champion –  Tara McGimpsey
Year 8 Girls Runner Up –  Holly Smith
Year 8 Boys Champion –  Kyesier Anderson
Year 8 Boys Runner Up –  Paulo Gaul
Year 9 Girls Champion –  Grace Dombroski
Year 9 Girls Runner Up – Kasey Walton
Year 9 Boys Champion –  Kaspa Donovan
Year 9 Boys Runner Up –  Jeremiah Barr
Year 10 Girls Champion –  Salli Howden-Woodland
Year 7 Girls Runner Up –  Gracie Miller
Senior Girls Champion –  Lucinda Jones
Senior Girls Runner Up –  Sophie Atkins
Senior Boys Champion – Ethan Buckland
Senior Boys Runner Up –  Jaxon Nettelbeck & Alby Rogers

Well done to all students on their participation…….we are all very proud to be part of MRSHS!